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Economic Research Foundation

Economıc Research Foundation ( ERF ) was founded in 1962 with the aim of putting economic and financial problems of Turkey into discussions and seeking solutions to them.

For forty-eight years the foundation has been continuing its activities towards this end.Among the activities of the Economic Research Foundation national and international seminars, numerous conferences,open debates and press meetings can be cited.

All the activities of the foundation are published in the form of books and brochures and thus are made known to authorities who could not participate in these activities.

Press,radio and television are also used as media to make these activities known by large masses of people. Untill today, the number of seminar books and other publications of the Foundation has reached 206.

Although the center of the Economıc Research Foundation is situated in İstanbul, some of its activities are organized at various cities and localities within Turkey and also at various cities abroad such as Kyrenia, Nicosia, Paris, Bakü, Bucharest, Sophia Khartoum.

Economıc Research Foundation ( ERF ) is running its activities mainly by means of the financial possibilities provided by the annual membership fees especially of its juridical person members.The foundation actually has nearly 200 members.

The juridical person members of the foundation are public and private sector banks,assurance companies,finance institutions and professional establishments as well as the pioneering holdings and industrial firms.Counseling Committees are enlisted.

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